ILse Crawford Collection for Ikea

I got so excited recently when I read and saw that Ikea had teamed up with London based designer Ilse Crawford to create a collection of 30 homeware pieces for easy laid back living.
They have turned to mother nature as a major source of inspiration for the collection which is made up mainly of cork blended with bamboo, cotton and seagrass!
I am absolutely freaking out over that day bed above!  How cool would that be with cushions and throws in a relaxing spot on a summers day! 
The only thing is they have given a date for August for the collection to hit the stores and I really want new outdoor furniture by May, as our summer is so short we need to avail of every sunny day we can!! 

Still I can’t wait to see the collection as soon as it hits the store:)
Take Care ­čÖé
Anne xx

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