Loving Ren

My love for Ren products began last year when I tried some samples of the one minute flash rinse and absolutely loved them! My skin felt so clean and soft and more importantly I had no reaction to the ingredients, which is always a big issue for me when trying out new products!

As luck would have it I was invited with Laura in January to attend the launch night of their new instant firming beauty shot and just listening to the talk about the whole importance of keeping skin squeaky clean and using the right products for your face and body had me hooked!
This new one shot firming serum is an amazing product! I am concentrating on the line areas on my forehead and around my nose and mouth and it really does tighten the skin. My usual daytime moisturiser goes straight on over it and you can even reapply it over your everyday makeup for an extra boost throughout the day!
 Laura also uses it first thing in the morning before applying her daily moisturiser and makeup for work!

More recently I was thrilled to get a gift of two more products for Mother’s day which I am still trying out! The glycolactic bio peel mask is fantastic- once a week would definitely be enough to use it as it is quite strong, but the skin really glows and looks way brighter after using it! The Rosa Centifolia cleansing balm is more gentle and when applied with water it turns into a lovely rich milky cream! You can rinse it off with warm water -mine came with a lovely muslin cloth in the box. This one leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft!

This is a quick photo I snapped after applying the  glycolactic mask and then using the one shot firming serum before rubbing in my normal mosturiser! I don’t wear too much makeup on a daily basis but I am wearing Estee Lauder double wear foundation here in Wheat. On the whole I am happy with my skin except for slight sagging around the mouth and jawline which is normal for my age and hope I can continue to keep it much the same way for another few years at least!

I will definitely be sticking with Ren products for the moment as they seem to be suiting me and at fifty( actually 51 next week eek!!) I think it is high time I got into a more regular skincare regime!

Have you tried any of these products? Do let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear some feedback or tell us what skincare products work best for you:)
Anne xx


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