Homemade Avocado Pesto With a Mediterranean Traybake

When the weather warms up a bit I like switching over from heavier dinners like casseroles and curries to some easy makes that remind me of sunshine and holidays! Roasted veggies and chicken traybake is a favourite here and I love making my own avocado pesto sauce to drizzle over it! It really is so simple to make. This is what I use…
1 ripe avocado (halve and scoop out flesh)
3 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 tsp black pepper
A good handful of Basil Leaves
1 clove garlic or a dessert spoon of minced garlic in a jar (I find this easier for cooking with)
Whack it all in the food processor- I used our nutribullet which is fab for quick recipes like this!
You can add more seasoning and garlic to your own taste when it is blended! Set aside and cover in a bowl or jar until you need it! I don’t use cheese so the avocado gives it that nice creamy concistency instead.

For my tray bake I just chop up whatever veggies I am using into thick chunks. Here I have used aubergine, sweet potato, courgette, red pepper, tomato and red onion.
Using a shallow baking tray, coat all your veggies with some olive oil mixed with a spoonful of pesto until well mixed. Dice your chicken breasts (you can vary the quantity of ingredients to suit) and place on top – roast in 180c oven covered with foil for 30 mins.

Remove the tray from oven, discard foil and roast for a further 10 mins or until the chicken is cooked through.

Drizzle with more pesto and serve with fresh bread or rolls. Mine here is a gluten free ciabatta roll to mop up the lovely juices!
Hope you all enjoyed this recipe. It is one of our favourites here and quick to make:) I hope that sun comes back as forecast this week:)
Anne xx

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