My favourite healthy eats…

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying this sunny week! I love it as I always feel way more energetic and I just thought with summer coming along I would post some of my favourite daily eats- I have had a few enquiries as to how I manage to keep my weight in check so I will share what works for me!

As older readers may know from my old blog I went on a wheat and gluten free diet due to health problems at the end of last year! I lost a good amount of weight which really didn’t suit me at all and I have managed to gain some back now which I think is better for me! I did break out a bit too much over Easter with dairy and sugar though (chocfest!!) so I could feel that sluggish feeling return and I think it just affects your overall confidence on a daily basis!

Here are a few of the good things that work and fill me up without having to resort to too much rubbish fillers during the day.

I nearly always start the day with a two egg omelette as I love how you can add as much salad as you want and it keeps me going for most of the morning! My mother did this all her life and she is 86 with more energy than me most days so I will follow  her example and keep eating the eggs!
If I am having a coffee I do like a sweet treat- I try to have a homemade one on hand as I found most of the wheat and gluten free shop bought options are just not appetising and not always as healthy as stated on the pack if you read the finer print!

My lunch is usually a slice or two of this healthy bread recipe I posted here and I top it with whatever I have available!

Lately avocados are my thing mashed up with a tomato and a sprinkle of chilli.powder.

I always look forward to dinner now and love coming up with different ways of cooking veggies! My son and I go mad for kale and broccoli so this roasted version with added asparagus is on repeat here. It goes really well with fish or chicken too which is so good for you!

If I snack I try to eat fruit and always keep a small bowl of mixed berries handy in the fridge:)

I hope you enjoyed this post- thanks to Lorena for asking about an asparagus tart recipe I had on my old blog:) I haven’t made or come across gluten free pastry for the base but I will be experimenting over the next few weeks and will try a  new version of the tart then:) If anyone has a good gluten free easy pastry recipe please let me know!
Enjoy the rest of the week:)
Anne xx

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