Our Review Of The New Playtex Contour Perfection Bra

We were recently contacted by Playtex to ask if we would like to review their new contour perfection bra! This bra is Playtex’s first one to have top cup padding. It claims to help women restore natural fullness and give a beautiful youthful shape.

Here are a few of our personal thoughts on the bra….
I was actually delighted to try out a new bra style, as late last year I lost a lot of weight due to being quite ill and unfortunately it dropped off rather dramatically from my top half – this left me feeling a bit self conscious to say the least about my shape! I had to keep trying different styles of bra to see what would suit me best, so I was delighted to trial this one with the top cup padding as I have never come across that before:)
 The most important thing for me with bras is that they don’t dig in to you at the back and the straps feel comfortable when adjusted to suit your shape! 
I loved the soft feel of this bra and as you can see from the photo above it did give me back some of the fuller rounder shape which I had lost. I would recommend it if anyone is small on top like me ( I am wearing a 32B) and looking for a new style bra to give that extra lift.
 This nude colour is great for light summer tops but it also comes in black which would be good for styling darker t-shirts and tops. Anne

I also found the bra to be a comfortable fit and loved the finish of the fabric. It’s perfect to wear on a night out with the soft satin and lace overlay. Even if part of the bra, be it a strap or side panel, is visible, it doesn’t matter as it has such nice detailing.
Being a 34C, I  don’t usually require extra padding, so I was very interested to try this one out! Having worn it a couple of times over the last week, I felt it might be too heavily padded for me under tighter tops. But when worn under loose fitting tops or blouses like the above, it gave a really lovely rounded shape. Laura

So to summarize we think the bra is excellent quality,it looks very pretty and it does give that rounded fullness as claimed! The only drawback would be the thicker padding on top which may not appeal to everyone, but this is what gives the good shape.
It is available in sizes 32-42 B-E and 32-40 F.

Anne&Laura xx


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