Shiny moments

Hello everyone and Happy Friday. It’s been another beautiful sunny week and we have enjoyed spending time outdoors whenever we got a chance!

Little things on a warm sunny day can make all the difference….we loved how this little fella had the lake to himself the other morning!

I have discovered buckwheat flour which contains no gluten or wheat is fab for making pancakes and they are a good alternative to cake when a sweet treat is needed!
Mix 1 cup of the flour with 1 cup coconut milk-add in 1 egg and your batter is ready! Perfect for a weekend brunch:) Anne

I’ve been admiring the lace up trend and couldn’t resist these when I spotted them in Parfois during the week. I love the coral colour, especially for summer. Laura

A few Friday treats are always a shiny moment- flowers, a pretty candle and new decor magazine are keeping me happy today:) Anne

We hope you all have a lovely weekend:)
Anne&Laura xx


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