Shiny Moments

Happy Weekend – only another week of May left!
Time sure flies by when you are busy! Here is a little look back at our week gone by…
I am determined to start reading regularly again this summer and bought this book the other day on some great recommendations! I have only read a few chapters, but so far so good! Anne
Having a new bag on your arm is always a shiny moment – Laura bought me this gorgeous soft leather tan from Liebeskind Berlin for my birthday!
I gave it an outing today with my skinny jeans and khaki parka….so hard to know what to wear in this unseasonable weather, but as I said having a nice bag on your arm always adds a little interest to a basic outfit! Anne
Midweek catch up dates with friends are my favourite! I hadn’t been to the Bailey for a while, so the tapas and vino tasted extra nice last night! Laura
I also have a new book to get stuck into! I have been so excited to get my hands on this since Aliza Licht announced it way back in 2013. DKNY PR GIRL was one of my very first social media icons & Aliza never fails to make me laugh out loud with her insightful and hilarious commentary! I’m pretty sure I’ll have this finished by the time the weekend is out 🙂 Laura
Enjoy the weekend everyone! We hear it may be getting a bit warmer…finally 🙂
Laura & Anne

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