Shiny Moments

With such a disastrous week weather wise we are badly in need of some sunshine in the form of Shiny Moments. We’re hoping the sun will come out again over the weekend – not liking the fact one could do with heating on at night in July!
Anyway here are a few little things that made us happy this week 🙂
Stocking up on lovely fresh produce from the local markets….
Lazy summer mornings…how nice is this glass candle holder from Dunnes home – only €3 and they also have a great range of small candles and tealights to put in it! A

This beauty has been on my wishlist for over a year. I finally took the plunge on a trip to Kildare Village last weekend as a new job/birthday treat 🙂

I got this cute little pom pom as a birthday gift but Tia thought it was a toy for her to play with!! I think this is one of my favourite photos of her to date 🙂 L

Have a fabulous weekend!
Laura & Anne


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