Shiny moments

Hello and happy Saturday 🙂 We can’t believe how fast August is going-almost back to school time again! Here are our shiny moments for this week 🙂

It was definitely a shiny moment for me when I found a great size table for my garden in the charity shop for €45! A few coats of Dulux outdoor wood paint in Modern Stone and it blends in fine with my garden chairs! Anne
Weekend breakfasts are the best and waffles or pancakes are always on the go here- just add some fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup to make them extra yummy!
I cannot resist pretty stationary! Love this colourful notebook I picked up during the week. Laura
Still getting the white jeans out at any opportunity….
We had a lovely lunch today in Newbridge Silverware – well worth a visit for an afternoon out. We’ll be back again for coffee and cakes – they looked amazing!
Have a lovely weekend!
Anne & Laura

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