Travel Light

Packing for a weekend away used to mean chaos (and multiple bulging bags!) for me. But after a few trips this year, I’ve got travelling light down to a tee – all with a little pre-planning! 

The best way to approach it, I find, is to list all of  my outfits for day and night. Before, I would just throw a random stash into the bag and hope for the best! Having a well thought out selection of basics in a complimentary colour palette will allow you to mix and match with ease.
The below selection will work for day and night covering off style, comfort and warmth! 

Reiss jumper | River Island wrap top | Selected Femme blouse |River Island top | 
Oasis camel coat | Warehouse coatigan | Warehouse leather jacket
Zara faux leather trousers | Topshop Playsuit | River Island mollie jeggings 
 River Island heels | Topshop bag | Warehouse tote | Asos ankle boots | Puma runners
With that, I’m off to pack my bag for a weekend in Bath to celebrate one of my lovely friend’s birthdays. I’m so excited to visit this beautiful city and will be back next week with plenty of photos to share ­čÖé
Happy Friday!

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