The Winter Garden…..

Hello – hope you all had a good week? Now that November has arrived the leaves are have almost disappeared off the trees and sometimes the garden can begin to look a bit bare and very dreary! Fear not, for there are a ton of options available to give it a little lift and sometimes with careful attention to small details, it can look every bit as good as your summer space:)
Here are a few ideas I love…
Display some seasonal pots on an old rustic table-I love the idea of storing some logs underneath:)
A few planters filled with conifers and plants for winter colour always add a little cheer at front and
 back doors.
I absolutely love the lights at the bottom of the twigs here and might steal this idea myself-would look fab and so welcoming in a porch on a cold winters evening:)
If space is tight a few cheery window boxes will do the trick!
Hope you all have a super weekend:)
Anne xx

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