A few Spring updates….

January is almost gone and with Spring  just around the corner, it’s time to look at a few ideas for updating the decor. Joy of joys I filled a skip with junk this week-normally I take things out then put them away somewhere else, but this time I was absolutely ruthless and cleared out loads! Now I can look at getting a few new bits and bobs without feeling guilty about my bulging cupboards:)
Buying some new tableware is always a good place to start and I love the gorgeous blue Spring floral pattern on this set from one of my favourite homestores  Meadows &Byrne.

Or a new special mug is always nice and this one from Anthropologie is just the perfect spring update….

Loving the delicate pattern on this cushion from Dunnes….
A new candle never goes astray and I like the look of this one from M&S.
I was in my local Heatons store the other day and was very impressed with their homewares section this season-they have some lovely colourful throws starting at just €15….
Hope you are all having a good week:)
Anne xx

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