Shiny Moments

Happy Sunday everyone! How fast the weeks are going – just one week of February left and then we are into March! All we need is for a little Spring sunshine and warmth to appear and we are right! 
Here are a few shiny moments from our week 🙂
Enjoyed some very lazy mornings as it was mid-term break this week 🙂
I love rediscovering pieces I have not worn for a while and I am also into simple pretty blouses at the minute. This one is an oldie from Penneys/ Primark but I intend to add a few more to my collection for Spring 🙂
I’m also loving really short haircuts but I have always been afraid to go too cropped at the back! I was delighted when I saw this photo on Pinterest – I love this cut and it is inspiring me to take the plunge for summer hair!! 
We had a lovely evening with Ren skincare in House Dublin on Thursday night – this new eye brightening cream is amazing!!
I am looking forward to styling this fabulous grey Italian leather bag and scarf – a big thank you to the lovely Amber at Primp & Style for gifting them to me …
 My outfit for Friday night drinks with friends….
Finishing off the weekend today in style with Le Drunch at The Marker Hotel to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I’ve been meaning to try it for ages and it didn’t disappoint – the food was absolutely amazing!
We hope you all have a fabulous week ahead 🙂
Anne & Laura xx

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