Skincare Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!
We’re talking skincare today, in the form of this wonder oil from Kiehl’s.
‘Midnight Recovery Concentrate’ has long been a favourite of skincare gurus and beauty bloggers alike – and I finally added it to my vast collection of lotions and potions just before Christmas!
I began using it every night after cleansing and instantly fell in love. The soft lavender scent is soothing and calming and the formula just melts into the skin. It’s a dry oil, so your face doesn’t feel greasy after using it and there’s zero residue left on the skin the next morning.
While my skin felt fresh and soft every morning after using it, I didn’t notice any dramatic difference in it’s overall appearance. It was only a few weeks in when friends started commenting on how good my skin looked (clear and glowing) that I stopped and thought, ‘it must be the Midnight Recovery’ as I hadn’t changed anything else in my skincare routine!
So I’ll definitely carry on using it 🙂 It is expensive at €44, but a little goes a long way! Next on my list is its newest sister, the Daily Reviving Concentrate. They now come as a duo, at €69 for the pair, so I’ll be investing when my current bottle runs out!
Have a lovely weekend!

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