Avocado and Chocolate Summer Pudding….

I love avocados and had been looking for an easy dairy free summer dessert option, so this recipe seemed good and also fairly easy to make, which always helps:) The riper the avocado the better-one of mine was a bit hard so it took longer than necessary to blend! 
These are the ingredients I used to make mine…
2 ripe avocados
1/2 cup of cacao powder or ordinary cocoa powder if you prefer the taste
1tsp of vanilla essence
1tsp lemon essence (this takes away some of the bitter cacao powder taste)
1/2 frozen banana (adds extra creaminess)
2 tbsps almond milk
Fresh fruit/ice-cream or yoghurt to serve
Put the avocados and banana in a blender (I used our nutribullet) and pulse until thick and creamy-add the rest of the liquid ingredients and blend until you get a smooth glossy mixture. I had to stop and scrape a few times before this happened.
 Chill the blended mixture in the fridge for about two hours, before serving in individual dishes with the fruit and toppings.
 I also mashed a handful of almonds and added them on top, together with the fruit for a little added crunchiness. 
We also love this Irish dairy free ice-cream Nobó which is so good to serve with summery desserts:) I actually used it all winter as well with my berry fruit crumbles!
I hope you enjoyed this recipe and may summer arrive good and proper soon:)
Anne xx

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