Large Fruity Ice Cubes…

I love having ice cubes to hand in the summer to add a little extra something to drinks but I always find the small ones melt away very quickly, especially in larger water pitchers! I was delighted to find this fabulous idea here of making larger ones in a muffin tin!

They couldn’t be easier to do-just slice whatever fruit you want to use, I had lemons, a lime and I also used some cucumber. Slice them evenly and place in your tin. Cover them with water half way or just a bit over. Put the muffin tin in the freezer on a level surface for about 4 hours or overnight if possible!

When frozen just turn out of the muffin tin when you need them! I tipped them all out with a sharp knife and refroze the ones I didn’t use in plastic freezer bags:)
These are so refreshing served in plain water, lemonade, fruity punch or any of your favourite summertime bevvies! 

Hope you are all having a good week:)
Anne xx

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