Pillow Talk….

Happy Friday everyone! We are huge fans of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases here so we were delighted when founder Dale got in touch again and asked if we would like to review the new limited edition spring/summer colour, Serenity!

We already have two of the other fabulous colours, White Russian and Nappuccino, which we spoke about previously here on the blog.

This new addition, a fabulous shade of blue, is perfect to refresh summer bedding and of course, as always, so comfortable and lovely to sleep on. It comes in a standard and king size and there is also a travel size which is perfect for holidays!

They also have the added bonus of an inner secret pocket for keeping your jewellery, nick naks, etc. safe while you sleep ….

There are many benefits to sleeping on satin – the most important being that it protects delicate facial skin, reduces pillow lines that cause the dreaded wrinkles and prevents hair breakage. Almost like a nightly spa treatment for hair and skin you could say 🙂
We think they are the perfect gift option, or you may just feel like treating yourself to something luxurious and pretty for no particular reason 🙂

 You will find all the details about colours, prices and sizes here

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Anne & Laura xx


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