Sass and Boho Candles….

Last week we were delighted to receive two gorgeous candles from Sass and Boho. Based in Pomeroy Co Tyrone, these luxury candles are handcrafted using all natural fragrances and essential oils, in a blend of soy, vegetable and palm wax. 
There is no paraffin used in theses candles and the wicks are also 100% cotton making for a very clean burning candle.
We love the two scents we tried. The vetiver and leather has a fabulous woody musky smell, while in complete contrast, the sweet tart has the perfect summery fruity smell, that fills the room with a gorgeous fresh aroma.

I buy and burn a lot of candles and they only ever appeal to me if you can still smell the scent long after they have been blown out-these beauties certainly passed that all important test!

If you are interested in finding out more about this brand or would like to purchase a beautiful new candle, all the details and pricing are here.
Hope you are all having a good week:)

Take Care!

Anne xx

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