Shiny Moments….

Hello and a very happy Sunday to everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying September, time is really flying by these days.
Here are some of our recent shiny moments…
I made fruit scones with almond flour this week and loved how they turned out! This months Tatler is also fabulous, full of wonderful inspiration for a/w. Anne
Loved the sunny warm mornings we had last week, no need for coats just yet, although looking outside at the rain today, that could be all set to change next week!!
I was thrilled to get this beautiful jewellery set from Tara at Far Fetched Accessories and I’m so looking forward to wearing them! Laura
The weekend started off with yummy pre-Bridget cocktails in Zizi Dundrum with my bestie! I loved the original Bridget Jones movies and have to say, this one might just be the funniest of the lot! It was so long since I’ve had a cinema night and I’m thinking they’ll have to become more regular this autumn…especially if there’s bubbles involved! Laura
We hope you all have a great week ahead!
Anne & Laura xx

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