Spring Fragrance….

Like updating your spring wardrobe, a brand new perfume is the perfect way to give yourself a little lift for the new season! After a cold winter and heavy layers, I love looking forward to buying lighter clothes and some floral scented perfumes that remind me of warm sunny days!
 Here are a few fragrances on my wishlist and some I already own and love….
This new ‘Infusion D’Iris’ fragrance from Prada has a gorgeous fresh scent, perfect for spring days…
I love everything about the Diptyque brand, and this rose and violet scented fragrance sounds divine…
Chloe Love Story  is an all time favourite of mine and it’s light and airy fragrance is suitable for any occasion….
Anything Jo Malone is also a big hit with me and I can honestly say that the fragrance above is so gorgeous! 
These are just a few of my personal favourites, I know everyone has there own likes and dislikes where scent is concerned! It’s not too long now to Valentines day, so you might want to start dropping a few major hints here and there!!
Have a good week:)
Anne xx

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