Hello and welcome to the all new Lustrous.ie! A change is as a good as a rest they say…and we’ve kind of had both. We took a somewhat unplanned break from blogging last year – life got busy both personally and at work; and if we’re being honest, we probably spent a little too much of what free time we had scrolling! We love our (three!) Instagram channels but we did begin to miss writing and creating lovely content here on our very own space. So today, we’re back with a fresh new look and the energy to begin all over again! To our existing readers, thank you for staying with us and to anyone new, welcome to our shiny corner of the world!

There’s a couple of new fashion posts live now and we’ll be bringing lots of fresh new content next week. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

See you soon,

Laura & Anne x

Laura Bergin
Laura Bergin

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