Packing 101

With summer holidays on the horizon, the dreaded task of packing is probably springing to mind for anyone lucky enough to be heading off on a little trip. I used to be terrible for over-packing but I like to think I have it down now. Here are my top tips for stress free travels in style!

Plan, Plan Plan

If you have a tendency to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the suitcase, you can end up tight on space and find that you don’t even wear half of it. To avoid this, I try as much as possible to plan all of my outfits in advance, right down to the shoes and accessories. That way, you only bring exactly what you plan on wearing (and leave more room for a little retail therapy at your destination, perhaps!)

Think in Layers

Consider the weather and bring layers as required. Even the hottest of destinations can turn cool at night – so the scarf that keeps you warm on the plane can double as a wrap if the evenings turn breezy! It’s also worth sticking to a colour palette of tones that complement each other, allowing you more flexibility to mix and match individual pieces. For me this year, I’m leaning towards all things blue and white with pops of pink and yellow!


I love adding statement earrings to make an otherwise simple look “pop”. This is something I always consider when I’m tight on packing space. It’s an easy way to make a white tee and simple denim shorts more evening appropriate. 

Roll Everything 

Now you’ve planned all your looks, you just need to get them in the case. Rolling your clothes really works and saves so much space! I also packed my jewelry and belts inside my handbags and underwear etc. into shoes. You’ve got to maximize every inch after all! 

Expect the Unexpected

And last but not least, prepare for the unexpected and make sure you have travel insurance in place. Lost luggage is always a nightmare but a policy with Chill Insurance will ensure that you can at least replace your personal belongings, if the worst happens. Another top tip is to carry a spare outfit and bikini in your hand luggage, just so you are not stuck if your suitcase takes the long route!

Thanks to Chill Insurance for collaborating with us on this content.

Happy Weekend! xx

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Laura Bergin

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